Debs Debbie
The DeeVines lead singer Deborah brings soul, passion and emotes her own style across a wide range of songs. The baby of the band, Deborah is a ray of sunshine toand she definitely keeps the rest of the guys on their toes. She has grown up listening to 60’s Soul / Motown, Ska and Reggae which has no doubt helped her find her own distinctive sound. She has recently performed alongside up and coming Manchester artists on BBC Radio Manchester and the award-winning event All About Good Music in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.
Chris Chris
Chris taught himself how to play guitar from an early age and has been playing live and recording ever since. Being the elder statesman of the band he has an eclectic taste in music from the last 3 decades and probably before. From this comes a wealth of musical experience and his attention to detail is second to none. In his musical career he has played almost every musical genre including Rock, Blues, Indie and Jazz. Luckily for the rest of the band he has come back from the dark side and provides The DeeVines withslick, punchy melodic runs Soul music requires and also the harmonic and rhythmic sounds needed in Reggae music.
Cliff Cliff
All the way from across the pond, the DeeVines would like to introduce you to Cliff. He has 20years experience playing Soul / Motown, Funk, Reggae and Ska with various bands on the circuit around the UK. He brings energy and also a lot of fun to the band.Keyboards is just one area of Cliffs' expertise. He is known to throw the occasional rap down on some of the songs in The DeeVines playlist and he is constantly strutting his stuff while playing the keyboard! Showing his real passion for music Cliff has also recently introduced the saxophone into the mix, which gives The DeeVines that little bit extra to make your special night a memorable experience.
Eddie-Profile-Pic Eddie
Like all good bass players, Eddie brings groove to the party. Previously he’s been involved in Indie and classic Rock bands, as well as Blues bands including an Elvis tribute band.Soul has quickly became his trademark – which suits the rest of the band just fine. His main influence is James Jamerson who played on countless Motown records with The Funk Brothers. Between Eddie and Deano on the drums, this tight rhythm section will always lay down an ever-reliable foundation for the other musicians to bounce off.
Deano Deano
Deano brings a wealth of enthusiasm and talent to the table and is the backbone of The DeeVines. His musical influences go back to his childhood days were his musical tastes were heavily biased around Reggae, Funk, Soul and Hip Hop. When Deano picked up the sticks for the first time 15 years ago he was keen to learn different genres, so he broadened his musical horizons and started to listen all genres for inspiration. It paid off - a few months later he was in the studio recording and has been on the circuit ever since amassing a wealth of experience. Deano has played with many bands covering most genres which has enabled him to mix all his musical influences and create his own individual funky style - a style which fits in well with The DeeVines repertoire of songs.
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